Canada Day Weekend Brings Change to Davis Shipping Limited

Tug Point Vim and Deck Barge NT 1032
have been sold to a company in Quebec, Le Barges de Matane Inc.

All quotes that have been issued for work with this equipment are no longer valid.

Without our main equipment, there will be many changes for Davis Shipping Limited.  More on that later.  Right now, I would like to thank all our past clients for trusting us with your cargo and special projects.

~Janet Davis

June 2016

Tug Point Vim & Deck Barge NT 1032 are currently on contract with Total Transport & Rigging Inc., carrying a large transformer from Halifax, NS to Bay D'Espoir, NL.

If you're interested in this project, have a look at this write up at Tugfax.

Davis Shipping's vessels are expected to be back at home port {Wesleyville, NL} before the end of the month. 

Photo credits: Captain Bruce Davis 

May 2016

At Paspebiac, QC
We are currently under contract with Ocean Marine Services Newfoundland-Labrador Inc.  The tug will complete her task and continue on to home port of Wesleyville, where she is expected on May 6th.

February 3rd 2016

View from the Point Vim: Cape Race area
Photo Credit Captain Bruce Davis
Our Tug dropped off deck barge NT1032 at home port, and then headed off to Bull Arm to pick up a barge to deliver to Mt. Carmel.  We are currently under contract with Ocean Marine Services Newfoundland-Labrador Inc.  The tug will complete her task and continue on to St. John's Harbour, where she is expected on February 4th.

January 25th, 2016

Hauling equipment for Northstar Inc.
Photo credits: Captain Bruce Davis

Following the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel George R. Pearkes
from Blanc Sablon (Quebec) to St. Barbe (Newfoundland).

January 24th, 2016

Photo credit: Captain Bruce Davis

Tug Point Vim and deck barge NT1032 are on their way to Blanc Sablon to pick up equipment for Northstar Inc.  Thin slob makes for calm seas, but makes the trip a little slower.

January 15th, 2016

Photo Credit: David Greening

Tug Point Vim arrives at St. John's harbour.

December 2015 - January 2016

Famille Dufour II with Point Vim
On contract with Riverside Marine Services of Australia, The Point Vim left St. John's on December 27th to head to Quebec to pick up a vessel unwilling to get trapped in an iced in harbour until spring. The vessel was towed to a marina at Halifax.

There are a couple of blog posts about the trip, which you can read here:

October 2015

Leaving St. John's
Photo credits to David Greening, with thanks.
Tug Point Vim is stationed in St. John's at the moment, doing some small jobs with ship docking around the Avalon Peninsula.

October 2015

The view from the Point Vim and Goosebay on the 13th.

October 2015

Photo courtesy Steven Davis
Tug Point Vim is currently available for vessel docking and assistance in St. John's Harbour.

September 2015

Tug Point Vim is currently available for service at the Port of St. John's, Newfoundland.

For pricing on Ship Assistance/Docking or any towing project, please contact Janet at the office.

July 2015

The Tug Point Vim and Deck Barge 1032 are at home port of Wesleyville and are ready for service.

January 2015

 Tug Point Vim is currently available for ship assistance in St. John's Harbour.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Oille Sinclair

December 31 2014

Photo Credit: Captain Bruce Davis
Happy New Year from the crew and staff of Davis Shipping Limited.

The Tug Point Vim and Deck Barge NT1032 are in St. Barbe, getting ready to carry a load of equipment to New Brunswick for our client: Direct Horizontal Drilling.

November 2014

Tug Point Vim and Deck Barge NT 1032 are both at home port, Wesleyville, ready for service.

October 2014

While the Tug Point Vim is still having fun in Nova Scotia with R. J. MacIsaac Construction, our barge NT1032 is at work with McKeil Marine Limited...

30 April 2014

Point Vim departing home port of Wesleyville at 6am with barge JMC185 in tow.
The end of a fiscal year, and the end of a little project with Ocean Marine Works, as their barge is delivered to St. John's.  Tug Point Vim will be on her way back home on May 1st.

March 2014

The Point Vim arriving at home port from Massachusetts.  Photo credit Peter Noel.
Slobby water on the way to St. John's, March 2014.  Photo credit Duke Kelloway.

January 2014

Tug Point Vim is now secured at her home port of Wesleyville, ready for her next adventure.  
In these photos, taken by our Mate Glen Ransom, she is at Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, in December 2013.

Happy New Year from all of us at Davis Shipping.

December 2013

Snowy Owl on Point Vim's Masthead


Surveyor at work

Parrsboro, NS dock

Offloading survey gear at Parrsboro
All photos courtesy of Captain Bruce Davis
Our crew are on their way home for the holidays...  with bells on!

December 2013

Tug Point Vim and crew are under a short term contract with R. J. MacIsaac Construction of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  We expect the work to be complete in time for the crew to be home for the holidays.

August 2013

Loaded with contaminated soil in Labrador

Loading at Hopedale Quarry Dock

Offloading at Grande-Anse Terminal, Quebec
Davis Shipping is continuing work with NGC Nunatsiavut Marine Inc.

June 2013

The Point Vim is currently on charter with NGC Nunatsiavut Marine Inc.

Shown here at St. Anthony, NL
Photos courtesy of Tony Roberts

Spring 2013

Barge NT1032 is at home port of Wesleyville undergoing spring maintenance, and Tug Point Vim is on her way to St. John's and NewDock for annual inspections.

April 2013

Point Vim & Barge NT1032 entering St. John's Harbour
Photo Credit: Dana Evely


Congratulations to Damien Gibbons, our newest crew member aboard the Point Vim, for winning the President's Medal for highest average overall at the College of the North Atlantic.  Damien is a recent graduate of the Marine Cooking program.  

October 2012

Tug Point Vim and Deck Barge NT1032 are currently in action in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia.  Dredging work is being directed by R. J. MacIsaac Construction Ltd.