A New Name for a New Era

Davis Shipping Limited is in the process of changing its name to Norton's Cove Marine Inc. While our company has a different owner from Norton's Cove Studio Inc., we are working towards a future where the two related companies will eventually become one.   Cheers to new adventures! Norton's Cove Marine

Chris Ash 1953-2022

On August 17th, 2022, our friend Chris Ash passed away at the Miller Centre in St. John's after a long illness.  To all who cared for him, we send our condolences. Chris was a friend to all of us at Davis Shipping Limited throughout our entire history.  He started his company, North Atlantic Marine Consulting Services, back in 1990, just a year after our own company's incorporation date.  Bruce & Chris spoke to each other on the phone almost every day for thirty years and more, and worked together on many projects.  I remember Chris fondly for his terrible jokes which he always did the most laughing at, for his constant friendly & uplifting demeanour, and his entrepreneurial spirit.   Before Chris' death, we were talking about buying his company and integrating it with our own as the future of our family business.  With Bruce's lifetime of seagoing experience and Fred's newly gained knowledge studying Marine Engineering Systems Design at MUN's Marine Ins

Canada Day Weekend Brings Change to Davis Shipping Limited

Tug Point Vim and Deck Barge NT 1032 have been sold to a company in Quebec, Le Barges de Matane Inc . All quotes that have been issued for work with this equipment are no longer valid. Without our main equipment, there will be many changes for Davis Shipping Limited.  More on that later.  Right now, I would like to thank all our past clients for trusting us with your cargo and special projects. ~Janet Davis

June 2016

Tug Point Vim & Deck Barge NT 1032 are currently on contract with Total Transport & Rigging Inc. , carrying a large transformer from Halifax, NS to Bay D'Espoir, NL. If you're interested in this project, have a look at this write up at Tugfax . Davis Shipping's vessels are expected to be back at home port {Wesleyville, NL} before the end of the month.  Photo credits: Captain Bruce Davis 

May 2016

At Paspebiac, QC We are currently under contract with  Ocean Marine Services Newfoundland-Labrador Inc.   The tug will complete her task and continue on to home port of Wesleyville, where she is expected on May 6th.

February 3rd 2016

View from the Point Vim: Cape Race area Photo Credit Captain Bruce Davis Our Tug dropped off deck barge NT1032 at home port, and then headed off to Bull Arm to pick up a barge to deliver to Mt. Carmel.  We are currently under contract with Ocean Marine Services Newfoundland-Labrador Inc.   The tug will complete her task and continue on to St. John's Harbour, where she is expected on February 4th.

January 25th, 2016

Hauling equipment for Northstar Inc. Photo credits: Captain Bruce Davis Following the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel George R. Pearkes from Blanc Sablon (Quebec) to St. Barbe (Newfoundland).